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Our story

Roadside Tacos was simultaneously the natural next step in my career path and an entirely unexpected decision. I have worked in the food industry my entire life. My father owned restaurants when I was a kid, mostly small food courts. Growing up, I periodically helped out with small tasks. 


When I was around 18, my dad bought a small taco cart that previously belonged to a neighboring restaurant. He let me run the cart myself, a small scale entrepreneurial endeavor that would go on to shape my career. I was at the cusp of leaving home and making decisions about my future. Running that taco cart solidified the path I wanted to take. I followed in my father’s footsteps, working in various hotel restaurants and climbing the ladder from regular cook to executive chef. Eventually, I took a job at Wells Fargo doing corporate dining and catering. 


Over the years, my professional life evolved alongside my personal one. I married and had children. Life was good, but in 2014 things took an unexpected turn. My 18 year old daughter, diagnosed with a serious heart condition at 15, now needed a transplant. We underwent the procedure, and were grateful for the blessing we received. However, caring for my daughter throughout her recovery was a full time job. I could no longer commit to a traditional work schedule and left my position at Wells Fargo.   


I was at a crossroads. How could I work full time and have the flexibility to care for my family? I thought back to my very beginnings in the food industry. Naturally, I recalled that taco cart. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try my luck again. After revamping the retired camper sitting in my backyard, Roadside Tacos was born. 


Since then, we’ve solidly established ourselves in the Des Moines food scene. We even won Best Food Truck in the 2017 Food Truck Throwdown. Roadside Tacos wasn’t just the best career move I’ve ever made. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family. While the path wasn’t always clear, I’m more than happy where I ended up. I’m proud to invite you to stop by and enjoy a taco. 

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